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Step 2: Choose your sources

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  Research different types of resources to find out information about your person.

The first place to check is the Media Center -- BIOGRAPHY section -- to find a book on your person.




Then, look at online resources, encyclopedias, reference books, TV specials (History channel & Biography channel), and other sources.

For each source you use:  fill out the appropriate form below with the citing information.  




You MUST use at least 2 different sources of information for this paper.


Bibliography Fill in Forms:


Use the links below to print out forms to record the resources you use while working on your Research paper.



Print Encyclopedia

Electronic Encyclopedia

Electronic Article on the Web


Reference Book

Periodical (Magazines & Newspapers)

Magazine Article or Reference Book on the Web

Web Page









Click Here for Electronic Bibiliography Maker:  Citation Machine

Click Here for Information on checking the validity of your source. 





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