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Step 3: Reading  Making Notes

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Step 3: Reading and Making Notecards


A. Use 4” x 6” index cards for all notetaking.


  B. Keep them together with a rubberband.


 C. Use the Preliminary Outlineprovided as a guide to your research.


  D. Use the index of books to find passages that may be helpful.


  E. On the card:

  •  Write the bibliography (Source) letter in the upper left hand corner.
  •   Write the exact page of the source on the bottom.
  •   Write the question answered or reference to the outline at the top.


Sample Notecard :

B                 What is AIDS?


AIDS stands for acquired

immune deficiency syndrome.







F. Note-taking:


•  One fact or idea per card (Many cards may answer the same question.)

•  Summarize, paraphrase, use your own words!

(Avoid Plagiarism!)

•  Use quotation marks for directly quoted material

•  Be selective in your information gathering.

•  Keep your thesis in mind and collect only information that supports your topic. 

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